Heckna! Carnival Horror Campaign Setting for 5e DnD

Created by Hit Point Press

Will you see through the glitzy and glamorous charade or fall prey to Heckna’s everlasting torment?

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Ch. 2 Beta Release
8 days ago – Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 02:23:13 AM

Hey backers!

Chapter 2 Beta Release

Chapter 2 was released yesterday! If you haven’t already, go download it and check it out! You can access the files under Digital Downloads when you sign into BackerKit.

Don’t forget to send us your feedback!

You can also still submit feedback surveys for Appendices, Chapter 0 and Chapter 1. Pierogi is diligently collecting and reviewing your submissions!

Chapter 3 is taking a little longer than expected but we’re still aiming for the projected June 28th release. On the chance it is released at a later date, it should be no more than a couple of extra days.

Pronouns! What’s the deal?

Hit Point Press endeavors to create worlds and a community that are safe and supportive for people of all identities and backgrounds. One way we’ve chosen to do that is by providing pronouns for all NPCs in brackets after their name when they’re introduced as well as in the Appendices. We’ve also included some reminders in the given text where appropriate.

We have received some comments questioning this inclusion and requesting it be toned down and we’d like to address this sentiment.

The Revelia has a diverse population who use a variety of pronouns, and though some may be unfamiliar, all of them represent real people and their experiences. The inclusion of pronouns for all NPCs and especially those beyond he/him and she/her was and is an intentional celebration of marginalized queer identities. Hit Point Press unequivocally stands by their inclusion.

Thank you to everyone who has shown love and support through comments and messages!

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Full disclosure, we're publishing this book! But it's not being developed by the core Hit Point Press team, so be sure to check out what they're offering :D

Check it out!

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The Hit Point Press Team

Beta Release - Chapter 1
23 days ago – Tue, Jun 01, 2021 at 01:14:33 AM

Hey backers!

Chapter 1 Beta has just been released on BackerKit! 

You can access the files under Digital Downloads when you sign in and it should be emailed to you as well. The feedback survey is open until June 22nd, so be sure to let us know your thoughts there!

Upcoming Releases

Chapter 0 needs a couple of extra days to be finalized as it had to wait until the first few chapters were written before it could be finished. Rest assured, it’s set to be released by early next week and you can still begin your adventures with Chapter 1!

Chapter 2 is on track to be released on June 14th as expected.


Did you fill out your feedback form for the Appendices? We'd love to hear from you! Let us know what you thought of it!

And don't forget to let us know about Chapter 1! The feedback you leave us through these forms goes directly to the writers and editors for consideration. We promise there isn't a porcelain clown named Pierogi who takes out all the nice stuff, why would you even bring that up? 🤔

Have questions? Reach out!

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Thanks again for all of your patience and feedback! We’re excited to hear what a great and wholesome time everyone has at The Revelia! 🎪


The Hit Point Press Team

Appendices Beta Release!
about 1 month ago – Tue, May 18, 2021 at 01:04:40 PM

Find your seats! The show has begun!

 Appendices Beta is Out! Check your Backerkit!

We’re so so excited to get you these files! They’ve already been sent out, so be sure to check your inboxes! In the appendices, you can find spells, items and monsters, oh my! You can also find a link to a form that will let you give feedback directly to the creators about the content in this section of the beta.

Let us know your thoughts! This will allow us to make any necessary changes based on our backers’ feedback before the final release in the fall.

Feedback form is open until June 1st! Let us know through the link in your PDF or by clicking here!

STL Files

The files are still on track to be distributed by the end of the week, so if you’re expecting them as part of your rewards, keep an eye out! We’re really eager to hear your thoughts on them as this is our first time trying our hand at building files for print. Show us your minis when you've got 'em!

Have questions? Reach out!

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The Heckna Team

Beta Appendices (May 17th) and STL Update
about 1 month ago – Tue, May 11, 2021 at 03:08:34 AM

Hey backers!

Here’s a quick update of where we’re currently at in production!

Beta Appendices release, 1 week delay (May 17th)

We know you’re expecting the Appendices and we’re sorry to say that one of our writers indulged in some cotton candy from The Revelia and lost a few sugar-crazed days, so we’re a bit behind schedule.

Well, some of that is true. We have writers.  And I’m sure at least one of them has consumed cotton candy at some point during their life. And we are certainly behind schedule.

We’re sorry to report an additional 1 week delay, especially right after our very comprehensive and snazzy master timeline! Yikes!  This shouldn't affect the overall timeline, just this initial release. Though we will be making sure to regularly update this timeline as development occurs.

Beyond this first release, we don’t anticipate further delays but we will keep you in the loop for any that crop up.

STL Files

A couple of backers have requested clarification regarding the STL files for the Heckna minis and where they fall in the release schedule. We’ve got some exciting news on that front!

Backers expecting STL files in their rewards can expect them by May 21st! The team is putting the finishing touches on the remaining files to prepare them for distribution (trying to wrangle the children of the candy corn is like herding cats!).

Have questions? Reach out!

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The Heckna Team

Master Timeline Update
3 months ago – Thu, Apr 08, 2021 at 09:33:50 PM

Hey Backers!

This update is going to have a lot of information, but before we get started, we’d like to share a message from the team.

When determining the original production timelines and fulfillment estimates for Heckna, we didn’t accurately take into account the length, toll and impact the pandemic would have not only on the project, but on the wellbeing of our freelancers and team members and how that would be reflected in the rollout of rewards. Combined with regular, anticipated project delays, it’s safe to say that we’re behind schedule.

We’d like to apologize for not meeting the original expectations that we set for Heckna. We’re so grateful for the patience and understanding you’ve all offered us and truly get any frustration or disappointment you may have regarding delays. We’re committed to sacrificing you to Hec...er, getting you to The Revelia as soon as we’re able.

To address this, the team sat down last week to discuss the timelines and get an accurate assessment of the production schedule. With a more realistic timeline laid out, we wanted to make it available for backers ASAP (as we know we’ve been talking about a beta release for a few months now, it’ll be worth the wait!).


Chapter 0 (Intro/how to play)- Content Edit in progress

Chapter 1 (Jolly Jamboree) - Proof/Copy Edit in progress

Chapter 2 (Dismaydium) - Content Edit Complete

Chapter 3 (Fun House) - Content Edit in progress

Appendices (Monsters, NPCS, etc) - Content Edit in progress

Shuffled Stories - Content Edit in progress

Stats/Rules - In Review

Are We the Baddies - First Draft

Dastardly Disco - Writing complete, Shuffled Stories element in progress.


Estimated Completion of Writing Component May 24, 2021

Beta Release

With the writing in mind and where things are at with editing, we are planning on releasing design light versions of the documents along with a survey.

The Survey: With every release, we'll be sending a survey along so we can get your feedback to make sure this is the best book we can possibly make! Any and all feedback is welcome. There will be a 2 week period for each section as they come out.

Beta Schedule

May 10 - Appendices (Monsters, NPCS, etc)

Survey remains open from May 10 - May 31

May 31 - Chapter 0, Chapter 1

Survey remains open from May 31  - June 14

June 14 - Chapter 2

Survey remains open from June 14  - June 28

June 28 - Chapter 3

Survey remains open from June 28 - July 12

July 12 - Appendices (Are We the Baddies, Dastardly Disco, Shuffled Stories)

Survey remains open from July 12 - July 28

Any additional edits from those reviews will be roped into the final design timeline.


A lot of the art and design is already on the way. At this point, the art is around 66% complete. With the revisions and edits to the later chapters still ongoing, we anticipate having an art sprint end July 16, 2021.

With that in mind, design of the final book is set to be completed by August 16, 2021, and prepped for production.

Digital release of the final design would be in September 2021.


From the end of design to receiving the product at our doorsteps, we're looking at 3 months, including the freight from the end of the book design.

We anticipate having everything (minus the miniatures) in the warehouse by December 15th.


Minis take forever to produce—from the completion of the models to the completion of the run, it's around 8 months. It is likely any order with minis will be fulfilled in Jan. 2022, as we anticipate getting them in the warehouse by mid-January, 2022.


  • Charging Credit Cards Jan 3, 2022
  • Locking in Addresses Jan 3, 2022
  • Fulfillment start Jan 5, 2022

Please keep in mind, fulfillment will likely take 3-4 months because of the number of orders. That, in conjunction with Covid, makes it difficult to pinpoint how quickly we'll be able to tackle fulfillment. As we near this date we'll create a release list so everyone knows the schedule we're working from.

Timeline Graphic

Here's everything we've discussed above as a graphic to help clarify where everything is at!

Art Preview!

Now for something lighter, more art!

Werespider acrobat (Art by Nikita Orlov)
Poor Scooter (Art by Justin Chan)
Pop Goes the Clown! (Art by Anneliese Mak)
Boat Blaster! (Art by Anneliese Mak)
Cream Soda Potion (Art by Henrik Rosenborg)
Heckna's Joke Book (Art by Henrik Rosenborg)

Have questions? Reach out!

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The Heckna Team