Heckna! Carnival Horror Campaign Setting for 5e DnD

Created by Hit Point Press

Will you see through the glitzy and glamorous charade or fall prey to Heckna’s everlasting torment?

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Stretch Goal 1 Get: 4 Sets Minis!
10 months ago – Wed, Sep 09, 2020 at 11:02:01 PM

Our first stretch goal already? Wow!

What did you unlock? 4 Sets of Minis!

Revelers and shnozlings and Heckna, oh my! You can now bring these malevolent monster minis to your campaign! The minis are available as a pledge and as an add-on for $30 per set.

As you may have noticed that sometimes the mask that Heckna wears differs from art to art. For the set of Heckna Minis you'll be getting 4 unique poses all featuring a different mask that Heckna can wear in your campaign depending on the phase of the moon!

Original Heckna Concept by Jason Engle @J_A_E1
Heckna mask phases concept by Jason Engle (@J_A_E1)

Each mask poses a different threat and a different strategy that you have to consider when taking Heckna on! Which mask do you like the most?

What’s next? Animated spells!

It wouldn’t be one of our campaigns if we didn’t include some animated spells! At 200k, we’ll get all 10 new Heckna spells animated as reference cards made up as an additional pack.

Not familiar with our animated spells series? Check them out! They’re lenticular cards that animate when tilted and feature spell details on the back!

  • Included for free with the box sets. Available as an add-on for $10.
Nothing like the classic acid pie to the face... (Animation WIP by Liam Greg)
It's always bigger on the insider (Animation WIP by Liam Greg)

Why are there 2 Revelia Box Set tiers?

You may have noticed that we have two pledge levels for The Revelia box set! We made a small mistake regarding the cost of shipping for our Canadian backers. The tier reflecting the incorrect amount is showing as sold out now! 

We've reached out to all Canadian backers who pledged for the original Revelia box set tier with instructions on how to switch to the new tier. Shipping costs for The Revelia box set should now reflect the proper amount ($17 Can/US and $39 Worldwide).

Everything else is the same! If you pledged for the original tier and you're not located in Canada or if you pledged after we created the new tier, you're all set (This should be the vast majority of you!).

We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience!

Have questions? Reach out!

E-mail us at support@hitpointpress.com or join the Discord!

We’re so grateful for our amazing backers! Thank you so much for your support!


The Heckna Team

This is no joke! Heckna is FUNDED!
10 months ago – Tue, Sep 08, 2020 at 04:39:16 PM

We’re blown away by the support we’ve received! The Heckna team would like to thank you all for making this project a reality! We can’t wait to see you at The Revelia!

What’s next? Minis!

When we hit the 100k milestone, we’ll unlock four unique sets of monsters from The Revelia! The sets include:

Revelers - 5 revelers from among the carnival, plus a shnozling mini.

Heckna Himself - 4 Heckna poses, each featuring a different face mask depending on his mood. Includes a shnozling and punchline mini.

Got Your Nose! - 5 classes (Paladin, Wizard, Sorcerer, Rogue and Bard) reinvisioned as transformed clown thralls! Includes a shnozling.

Sugar Rush - 2 children of the candy corn, 1 sucrooze, 1 ballooze, and a trash can to toss them in! Plus a snozling (can't forget the shnozlings).

Shnozling Preview (render by Victoria Jeffery)

Have questions? Reach out!

E-mail us at support@hitpointpress.comor join the Discord!

Thanks again to our wonderful backers for your support! We can’t wait to show you what else we have in store for you!


The Heckna Team